Book 3:


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Dragon's Gap Book 3 Cover Art

This is an inspirational romance fantasy about two people who deal in war. They must learn that they need to embrace their softer natures when their shape shifting young children need them to take on the roles of their parents. Both Charlie and her dragon shadow, Storm, find themselves rising to the occasion.

Never in a million years did Charlie Easton expect to be rescuing five lost frightened children. She was so not the mommy type! Killing people, that she could do! After all it is what she trained for.

When one plans for a mission, one must be aware of challengers that could arise and always have a contingency plan. This was a rule her instructors wisely drilled into her. It was a philosophy Charlie lived by.

My Thoughts:

Seriously who doesn’t like the thought of a female assassin? Not me! I loved the idea.

Now Charlie intrigued me when she decided she could live with who she was and what she was!
Seriously is that not badass!

And yet inside she is a marshmallow, all soft and gooey.

I loved writing about this couple and their young ones. They all offered so much humor. I mean really… changing a diaper. Who knew it could be that amusing. Storm just broke my laugh meter he and his dragon, hours of giggles.

Lets not forget Keeper and Ella who you have to think of as younger siblings, it cannot be helped.