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Sage Harris stood with 300 women, all half-blood shifters, ranging in age from three months to forty years old.

With the blood of their fathers retarding the aging process, all the adult women looked years younger than they actually were, for that there was not a woman present who was not grateful for having shifter blood running through her veins.

Unfortunately that was only one of a few good things…


Sneak Preview


What was not like every other morning was waking with a headache and finding Grace standing at the end of her bed, radiating pain. Pulsing pain behind Sage’s eyes made her squint at Grace who stood with little Ava in her arms, a mix of fear and tears in her eyes.

“Molly?” Sage rasped.

Gone!” Grace answered.

One stark word that pierced Sage’s heart and shook her soul. Pain forgotten she moved from the bed and looked down at herself and saw she was fully clothed. Calmness stole over and through her she took Grace and Ava in her arms and hugged them both, whispering. “I will find her and bring her home.”

Then she stepped away taking from Grace a very subdued Ava. She hugged her and kissed her cheek. She looked from her daughter’s face to Grace’s tear stain one. “And if they have hurt or harmed my baby then they will wish that the Goddess had taken them first.”

She kissed Ava again and handed her back to Grace with a gentle kiss to Grace’s cheek. “Can you find a place to stay a safe one for you and Ava? Not your sons whoever did this, may look there first.

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