Dragon’s Gap: A Novella: Love’s Impulse

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Dragon's Gap: A Novella Love's Impulse Cover Art

Fin Slorah has come home after hundreds of years to discover his family did not all perish in the house fire as he was lead to believe.

His niece Ella is alive and bonded to Keeper Kingsley. Youngest brother of the Dragon Lord.

Now he is home he has to find his place among his nieces new family and within Dragon’s Gap. Which is easier than courting his shadow, wily wolf June Bradly.

June is in love.

She wants dragon Finlay Slorah desperately. Her wolf pines to be mated to the cautious male but he has rules and conditions. It is enough to make a grown wolf scream or in June’s case run away, thankfully a retrieval is needed and she is available and willing. Sadly all does not go well and June once more finds trouble.

My thoughts:

Fin and June:

This novella was unexpected, originally June and Fin’s story was to be incorporated in the fifth book with Harper and Ace. 
But well you know Frankie is a large presence and then Harper is quite bossy and has those Knives and Ace hates to share, so… well, there was no room left. Finlay and June got their own story, not a sweet one, nor a soft pleasant one, this story was filled with wolves who lost their good sense and dangerous dragons who chose wrong and lived to regret it.

Now Sage, being June’s adopted sister may lay all the trouble June finds at Fins feet and in part she is correct. 
But not all, other people made some really bad decisions and ended up in trouble.

Truthfully the people in this story managed to test the temper of the Dragon Lord with expected consequences. He is not to be trifled with and neither are June and Fin who while trying to find their way to each other uncover a conspiracy to undermine the Dragon Lord and Dragon‘s Gap…

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