Dragon’s Gap: A Novella: Love’s Catalyst

Dragon's Gap Novella Love's Catalyst Cover Art

You must cut the chains of your past before you can embrace your future.

This inspirational story about Lars and Claire is set in the epic world of Dragon’s Gap. It can be read alone although the story concentrates on characters that are present throughout the entire series so would probably be better read between book two, (Sharm and Edith’s Story) and book three (Storm and Charlie’s Story).

A Daddy that can fly!

Lars and Claire met because Kammy, Claire’s adopted daughter wanted her own daddy that can fly and her new awakening instincts as a tiger cub lead her to Lars.
Lars Axton, Prime to the Dragon Lord, decides to visit the vibrant town of Dragon’s Gap and finds, not only a good cup of coffee but a hesitant shadow and a little girl who informs him he is her new daddy.
What is a dragon to do?

“It is not rocket science, it is just picking out furniture.”

Claire Nash a half cougar, a street wise liaison for Dragon’s Gap who trusts very few, least of all wealthy males who seem to have rich tastes. Claire finds herself not only mated to a dragon but adopting a lonely three day old cub to add to her and Lars’s family. She is also now the proud owner of a furnished home…

My Thoughts:

Normally books like mine are usually written because I want to match up a couple that are opposites or are so ideal together, it is sickening. Either way it is because my characters will fall in love and live happily (well mostly) ever after.

This story was written because a scratchy little tiger kitten climbed my curtains and demanded at the top of her voice that she wanted a daddy!

What could I do? Seriously my curtains!

So Kammy as promised found her dad and on the way her mom and dad found that they were not so different, no matter where they started from.

In fact they were purrfect ( You saw what I did there right?) for each other, and Kammy got herself more than she bargained for, a large noisy family, just right for an adorable kitten.

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