What, Why, Where and how to write a fantasy fiction novel.

Writing a fantasy fiction is all about imagination and the desire to shape a story. A fantasy story that will entertain as well as keep the reader reading.

What my characters say and how they say it is important to me. As well as the pace of the plot and filling every page with page turning excitement and/or inspiration in one form or another, and in some cases laughter.

Placing my characters in dangerous or adventurous, as well as romantic situations that they sometimes are ill equipped to handle can be very entertaining for me. Just as it can be when they are the right person for the job and take charge to solve the dilemma I invent.

It is how the characters react to any given situation that I devise. I find fun and part of the whole process of crafting a story and love my shorter novellas like Love’s Catalyst and Love’s Impulse just as dearly.