Just A Quick Edit

Although I found both ‘Dragon’s Gap’ and ‘Pride of Lion Edge’ thoroughly enjoyable to write and became fully involved in the characters and getting their stories on paper and out to my fans as fast as possible. I found this was probably not the best approach.

I have never professed to be one of the literary world’s greatest authors and probably never will be, but and this is a big BUT! I love sharing the stories I have and if that means I need to fire my editor – THEY ARE GONE!

In saying this, I am sure you will have noticed the updated versions of all the Dragon’s Gap series hitting the shelves. So to speak.

I can only apologize for not noticing this issue sooner, but I chose to take artistic licence and only read positive, uplifting and encouraging reviews. It is too easy to become disheartened as a new author with even only a few harshly critical comments…

All this aside I want to thank everyone who read the series and enjoyed it regardless, because they, like me loved the characters and their stories.

Watch for my new 6 book Sci-Fi series later this year.